Life Spiritual Journeys



Noble Nepal, impressive India, transcendent Tibet—and you!

Are you looking to deepen your connection with your self? To experience mystical cultures, explore natural places of power while connecting with ancient wisdom keepers?

We provide tours and retreats that open up conversations of the most profound kind, to touch the core of your being. If you’re called to share this journey of awakening and growth – We invite you to join one of our special tours and retreats.

Through these journeys, we aid the expansion of consciousness and to each traveler – give more in value than we receive. As part of this vision, we are committed to support local community projects in the places we journey through by empowering and enabling them. Specific causes that have an active local presence on the ground, where we can ensure our efforts will be effective. For example creating jobs to the local people, supporting foundations who support people and animals in need.